IELTS Vocabulary tutorials

Are you acquainted with the vocabulary to use for different topics in the Speaking, Writing, and Reading and Listening sections? Vocabulary forms one of the important criteria in clearing IELTS. Get the hold over complex sentences, collocations, and techniques and ensure a good band score.

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What will i learn?
  • Vocabulary for different topics
  • Different vocabulary to use for different IELTS sections

Curriculum for this course
13 Lessons 00:58:20 Hours
Useful Vocabulary
13 Lessons 00:58:20 Hours
  • Topic: Government 00:04:36
  • Topic: Hometown 00:03:51
  • Topic: Culture 00:04:25
  • Topic: Education 00:07:09
  • Topic: Family 00:04:28
  • Topic: Holiday 00:04:49
  • Topic: Language 00:03:55
  • Topic: Technology 00:04:53
  • Topic: Accommodation 00:03:42
  • Topics: Books 00:04:39
  • Topic: Clothes 00:04:03
  • Topic: Transportation 00:04:08
  • Topic: Weather 00:03:42
  • Having a good word bank needed to qualify IELTS with 6+ band score
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Every IELTS aspirant desires to achieve the desired band score in the Speaking section by using some impressive and attention catching words. The unusual words cast a positive impression on the examiner. So, if you are seeking ways to improve your vocabulary and impress the examiner, then look out for these vocabulary tutorials explained in detail. The tutorial cover all your “What” and “How” queries and provides you the roadmap to clearing IELTS with a great band score. Know the right vocabulary to use for different topics in IELTS like

·       family

·       government

·       culture

·       transportation

·       holiday

·       clothes

·       language

·       weather

·       accommodations

·       books

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A postgraduate from one of the most prestigious colleges in India, Sri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi University, author, Richa Raj stepped out with a dream of achieving something big in life.

 With the same hopes and ambitions, she began her professional journey as a branch manager in the State Bank of India after clearing her PO exam in 2011.

 In 2018, While preparing for her IELTS exam, she created a framework and strategies to clear the IELTS exam, these strategies helped her in scoring 8.5(L)-9(R)-7.5(W)-7.5(S) in her IELTS exam. After clearing her IELTS General Training exam, she moved to Canada with her family.

The same strategies have helped many IELTS aspirants in clearing the IELTS exam.

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