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Clear IELTS Reading with a good band score; know the magic of PRBS strategy. Unravel the route to making the most of the 60 minutes with the well-tested skills. Watch these tutorials!

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What will i learn?
  • Strategies to master Reading techniques within 15 days
  • Quick tips to crack IELTS Reading

Curriculum for this course
10 Lessons 01:26:46 Hours
10 Lessons 01:26:46 Hours
  • IELTS Reading Structure and Strategies 00:07:47
  • PRBS Strategy for IELTS Reading 00:06:43
  • Main Idea of the Text 00:05:05
  • How to Answer Matching Headings Questions 00:15:21
  • How to Answer Matching Information Questions 00:10:52
  • How to Answer True/ False/ Not Given Questions 00:13:22
  • How to Answer Note Completion Questions 00:08:32
  • How to Answer Short Answer Questions 00:07:17
  • How to Answer Summary Completion Questions 00:08:25
  • 10 Quick Tips for IELTS Reading 00:03:22
  • Basic understanding of IELTS Reading section
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Matching information and matching paragraph are the main concepts which the IELTS aspirants find hard to deal with in the IELTS Reading section. How about simplifying these concepts following a simple framework of techniques? Well, yes, you can definitely do that! Unlock your potential by watching the comprehensively explained IELTS Tutorial videos.

The videos cover the major and minor details of the topic and how these details can be used to conclude the answer. Solving the questions quickly requires you to be specific and flaunt the best of the skills. Are you acquainted with the skills required to crack the questions quickly? If not, then don’t wait and let your competitors secure an edge, watch the tutorials!

·       Clear and precise description of concepts

·       Best strategies to solve the questions

·       Explanation of the skills needed to solve the questions

·       Explanation of the concept through sample exercises.

·       Points to remember

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A postgraduate from one of the most prestigious colleges in India, Sri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi University, author, Richa Raj stepped out with a dream of achieving something big in life.

 With the same hopes and ambitions, she began her professional journey as a branch manager in the State Bank of India after clearing her PO exam in 2011.

 In 2018, While preparing for her IELTS exam, she created a framework and strategies to clear the IELTS exam, these strategies helped her in scoring 8.5(L)-9(R)-7.5(W)-7.5(S) in her IELTS exam. After clearing her IELTS General Training exam, she moved to Canada with her family.

The same strategies have helped many IELTS aspirants in clearing the IELTS exam.

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